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Advanced equipment can provide the best service.


Launching appliance for fast resc

Electric life/rescue boat winch

Electro-hydraulic telescopic&knuc

Electro-hydraulic telescopic cran

Anchor winch

Vehicle /pedestrian ramp


China's shipbuilding industry: to


Since this year, Chinas shipbuilding industry is facing a more severe market test. According to statistics, in the first half of the year, China took 11 million 190 thousand tons of new ship orders, down 72.6% from the same year. Since the...

How to maximize the profit of the


In recent years, the demand for safety, green and environmental protection has been put forward. New standards and new standards have emerged in the shipbuilding industry. At present, the transformation and promotion of technical standards...

To prevent damage in ocean transp


How does the water vapor in the 1. air condenses into water beads? Ventilation is one of the main measures for the keeping of the goods by the crew. Some people think that ventilation is not good enough. This is not all right. Cargo compart...

CBRC: vigorously supporting the d


In May 16, 2017, the third session of the Chinese (East) International Maritime Finance Forum held in Tianjin, the forum by the Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Management Committee, BIMCO and financial times jointly organized. Yan Qingmin, vi...

Shipbuilding industry in winter c


The shipbuilding market has not yet come out of the valley. The first half of 2017, the two leading Chinese Chinese shipbuilding ship (600150.SH) and Chinese heavy (601989.SH) there are still two digit decline in performance. Chinese ships...

How to avoid the damage of the wi


As a kind of flexible wire rope force transmission components in hoisting equipment widely used, wire rope winch is used, the strength, elasticity, wear resistance, fracture and fatigue resistance requirements are relatively high, in the en...

When the anchor accident happened


The mooring equipment standards, including the length and size of chain grade, quantity and weight, strength and power check anchor, windlass and brake chain device, is developed by the classification society. These standards can be found i...

Types of Anchor?


There are many kinds of anchors, which can be divided into rod anchor, rod anchor, large anchor and special anchor according to the structure and usage. The anchor rod is the main anchor used for merchant ships, and the anchor is sometimes...